Abbas Moosavi (Arvin)



MomApp, a comprehensive health, awareness and empowerment application for women, whose goal is to accompany you from puberty and the first period to pregnancy and even after the birth of your child.

Application features:
– Specialized online visit by top doctors
– Record and manage the duration of the menstrual period
– Record the symptoms of the menstrual period in order to monitor your health
– Show menstruation time in the coming months
– Show fertility window
– Show the golden day of pregnancy (ovulation day)
– Showing the premenstrual syndrome period
– Providing educational materials needed for menstrual management
– Providing educational materials needed to get pregnant
– Smart prediction of menstrual periods
– Mam treatment center appointments
– The Mom App application provides a more accurate estimate of your menstruation in the coming months based on the information you record about your menstrual period in the past months.
– Content approved by expert doctors
– The content published in the application has been fully approved by the specialist doctors of Mam Medical Center, as a result, among the mass of non-scientific information available in the cyberspace, you will have access to reliable scientific information completely free of charge.
– Management of trying to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy
– According to the display of the fertility window and the days with a high probability of fertility as well as the day of ovulation, users can easily increase their chances of pregnancy according to their goals or use the method of monitoring and managing the menstrual period and prevent pregnancy. .