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توسط : abbasmoosavi 25 November 2021
ترفندهای مربوط به سطل زباله در مک

اگر با سطل زباله ویندوز ۱۰ برای حذف فایل‌ها آشنا هستید و به‌تازگی به مک تغییر کاربری داده‌اید، ممکن است برای پیدا کردن سطل زباله ...

توسط : abbasmoosavi 21 November 2021
صاحبان خودرو‌های تسلا به خاطر قطعی سرور اپلیکیشن با درهای بسته این خودرو‌ها مواجه شدند

طعی سرور اپلیکیشن تسلا در سراسر جهان موجب شد تا صاحبان این خودروها نتوانند درهای خودرو‌های خود را باز کرده و از آن‌ها استفاده کنند. ...

توسط : abbasmoosavi 19 November 2021
امکان حذف تک عکس از پست‌های چند عکسی در اینستاگرام فراهم شد

اینستاگرام قابلیت حذف یک عکس از پست‌های چندعکسی را برای کاربران پلتفرم خود فراهم کرده است. اینستاگرام از سال ۲۰۱۷ (۱۳۹۶) قابلیت آپلود چند عکس به‌طور ...

About me
Developer & Programmer

I am Abbas Mousavi
Born in 1993 in Isfahan
I am a graduate of Computer-Software Engineering from Payame Noor University in Zarrinshahr, Isfahan
I started programming in 2015 by participating in a Java and Android programming training workshop.
My main specialty is mobile programming, but I also work on the web and servers.


I always strive to provide quality service

The skills I have been able to acquire and strengthen so far are as follows:

English language
Deutsch language
React native
Adonis framework

My Services

Features of the services I provide
Creative Design
User Experience

Suitable For Retina
Fully Responsive
Modern Design


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?Why choose us

Undoubtedly, we live in an age of intense and sometimes breathtaking competition in the professional arena. We also welcome these competitions and take them as auspicious. We believe that only in a healthy competitive environment can the customer achieve the desired quality of service. We want to be judged on the basis of our planning, expertise and interest, and to gain professional confidence by providing professional service guarantees.


In general, our processes are based on predetermined schedules. These programs have been developed and completed over time with experience. Relying on these internal plans can ensure that the customer service is done with the best possible quality and does not waste his time.

Software Warranty

The customer has the right to ensure the quality of the services for which he pays. We are here for you to produce your software with peace of mind. During the software production period, you can object to its quality. We will reserve the amount you paid until the corrections are made to your satisfaction.


In addition to having programming skills and expertise, a programmer should be interested in what he or she is doing. Some see programming as an art form and programmer as an artist. Different words, phrases and combinations of them may be used to convey a concept from one language to another. Certainly choosing the best programming methods is an art and it is also rooted in interest and creativity.


We are reliable, committed and experienced and very professional in solving software issues.

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Iran, Isfahan, Mobarakeh

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